Specialty Courses

Take your diving education further and learn new skills to make your diving more fun. All course fees include:

  • Classroom instruction (where applicable)
  • Pool instruction (where applicable)
  • Open water training dives (where applicable)
  • Certification Fee
  • Tanks and weights

Fees do not include:

  • Student Materials
  • Any Specialty Equipment (i.e. DPV, Drysuit, Camera, ect.)
  • Rental Equipment
  • MSD Application Fee: $51.00 for 2012 (Paid directly to PADI on application)



CoursePrice# of DivesStudent Materials
Altitude$852$49.95 - AID* Manual
Aware – Fish ID$852$49.95 - AID* Manual
Aware – Shark Awareness$752N/A - PDF File
Boat$752$30.99 - Boat Manual
Drift$752$30.99 - Drift Manual
Multilevel$852$49.95 - AID* Manual
U/W Naturalist$752$49.95 - AID* Manual
Deep$1754$30.99 - Deep Manual
Digital Photographer - Level 1$791$46.95 - Digital Photo Pak
Digital Photographer - Level 2$791$46.95 - Digital Photo Pak
Night$1503$30.99 - Night Manual
Peak Performance Buoyancy$852$30.99 - PPB Manual
Search & Recovery$1754$30.99 - S & R Manual
U/W Hunter$1402N/A
U/W Navigation$1503$30.99 - Nav Manual
U/W Videography $1853$49.95 - AID* Manual
Wreck$1754$30.99 - Wreck Manual
DPV$1402$30.99 - DPV Manual
Drysuit$1752$30.99 - Drysuit Manual
Full Face Mask$1752N/A
Ice Diver$2353N/A
Equipment$75Non DivingN/A
Aware – Coral Reef Cons.$60Non DivingN/A
Project Aware$60Non DivingN/A
Enriched Air (Nitrox)$100Non Diving$89.00 - EANx Pack
Self-Reliant Diver$2353N/A
Sidemount Diver$2352N/A

 *Adventures in Diving Manual

Price Fees include:

Ø Dives

Ø Lectures (if required)

Ø Certification Fees

Ø Tanks & Weights

Ø Any required usage fees for    specialized equipment


Course fees do not include:

Ø Student materials

Ø Any Specialty Equipment (i.e. DPV, Camera, Drysuit, etc.)

Ø Rental Equipment



Note:  If you have taken the Advanced course, then you will receive a $25.00 discount on those Specialties you did dives for in the Advanced Class.